Safe State vs. Swing State

Sometimes I’m annoyed that I live in a safe state, because my vote counts for less and politicians don’t pander to me. And as much as I dislike pandering in general, you know I’d love to be pandered to as much as the next guy.

And then I see really horrible ads like this one, about how liberals take godless money:

What a reminder how lucky I am to be in a place where everyone pretty much agrees on most of the basics, and it’s a matter of policy and extent and whether someone has actually taken cash bribes or not.

3 thoughts on “Safe State vs. Swing State”

  1. Guh, this shit is on my TV night and day. Every other ad (or more, maybe 2/3) is political: president, governor, lt. gov., senate, congress, state DA, agriculture commissioner, elected judiciary, and I’m sure I’m missing a few others. This one is my current “favorite,” and there’s also one (by the same group) about taxes (“She taxed everything! Cars, death, CANDY!”).

    Oy vey. Moving here has been an education, I’ll tell you what.


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