I almost felt sorry for Kevin Cullen

I got a shout-out from Universal Hub for my recent Kevin Cullen takedown, and felt a little bad about it. Maybe I should have written a critique rather than a series of insults.

But then today, he’s got a new piece titled “Circus Comes to City Hall” that’s not just sloppy but nearly incomprehensible. Besides accusing Chuck Turner of being a Communist because he’s got a funny beard, I’m just not sure what Cullen’s trying to say. At various points he seems to be arguing that it’s disgusting to see people accused of crimes trying to defend themselves and that the lawyers who defend them are morally deficient. But he might also just be trying to revive the word “pinko.”

We all know that newspapers are in trouble for a variety of reasons, but tripe like Cullen’s recent output certainly isn’t going to be what saves them.

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