Incredibly Elaborate Viral Ad: Pomegranate Phone

Paging Rob Walker: I think I’ve found one of the most obscure, elaborate viral ads ever.

It’s the slickly-produced website advertising something called the Pomegranate Phone, an impossibly sophisticated, impossibly small, do-it-all mobile device. Each of the various features of the device come with a dramatic video illustration of how they’re used – phone GPS, web browser, automatic voice translator, coffeemaker, shaver, harmonica…

Of course it’s not real. The site is actually an ad for tourism in Nova Scotia, which is said to include everything you might want in a vacation destination, just like the fictional phone.

One thought on “Incredibly Elaborate Viral Ad: Pomegranate Phone”

  1. The Pomegranate campaign was launch by Nova Scotia Come to life – not that province’s Department of Tourism. Two distinctly different entities, Nova Scotia Come to life promotes the other attributes that make the province a great place to live, work, invest, study, aside from the common knowledge that it’s a great place to vacation. Check it out


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