MBTA & Search & Seizure

The other night on the way home, I walked over the Charles/MGH stop on the T and saw that police had parked an SUV and a cruiser from the K9 unit on the sidewalk by the entrance. Inside the station, they had set up a bomb-scanning/inspection station on the left side of the information booth and were inspecting random passengers that walked past them.

So I entered on the right side of the information booth, where there were no inspections.

Not sure what they managed to accomplish, aside from just standing around being intimidating.

5 thoughts on “MBTA & Search & Seizure”

  1. One time when I was flying out of Albuquerque, they had just installed a new explosives-sniffing device at the TSA security checkpoint. I noticed that some people were going through it, and some weren’t. I asked the TSA guy if he wanted me to go through it. He said it was up to me.


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