What planet do you live on?

Oh, right. Planet Murdoch. It’s been five weeks! How come he hasn’t fixed the economy yet? Maybe because you can’t fix in five weeks what nearly a decade of your abuse has wrought?

Message to the denizens of the WSJ editorial page: You had your turn. You were proven to be lying, cheating, scumbags. And now you’re blaming the good guys for failing to fix your mistakes instantly. Shut up and go away.

4 thoughts on “What planet do you live on?”

  1. We don’t necesarily live on planet magic though. Its going to take a while before the economy is fixed. It won’t take 12 revolutions of the earth to undo what 12 revolutions did, but if we just wait it out, we’ll be fine.


  2. So our solar system has nine planets again? Pluto was downgraded to a planetoid after all. Five weeks is barely enough time to get briefed on all the economic mess we are in much less fix it all. As soon as the tax stimulus gets into our paychecks, it think things will start to improve from the consumer side. It’s going to take a lot more than that to get any change on the wall street side.


  3. Remember, there’s at least a few million miles between one planet and the next one, so the answer may take a while to get here from whatever planet could have the answer, but I think that maybe if we threw most of our current news people into the sun we could start getting some real news.


  4. Our economy is a victim of the ‘work smart, not hard’ mantra. Nothing that comes sans an honest days work can last forever. The public’s desire to grow bank rolls in the absence of actual productive labor is just as much to blame as the fat cats on Wall Street. Seriously people, don’t we all own a little piece of the responsibility for this mess? Like the sadly missed ex-planet Pluto, so has been cast aside our resolve to admit our own mistakes for the sake of all.


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