Bob Reich vs. Nutjobs

I walked past the teabagging party on the Common today. Fox claimed it was about 700, but to me it looked like a lot less, and it also looked like half the folks there were gawking at/mocking the tax protesters.

Bob Reich has the lowdown on reasonable responses to their idiocy. Of course, a reasonable and measured response isn’t exactly going to help when you’re trying to talk to people who don’t know fascism from a kick in the teeth. But hey, take what you can get.

One thought on “Bob Reich vs. Nutjobs”

  1. First, calling it a teabagging party is just puerile.

    More importantly, calling people who disagree with you on how a country should be run unpatriotic is reprehensible. Reich is, if nothing else, in excellent company there.

    I think Reich is wrong about most of his other points. But while I may be a nutjob (thanks!), at least I have the decency to not call those with whom I simply disagree—that means Reich and you, among many other people—unpatriotic or crazy.


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