Oh, I have some suggestions for you Objectivists out there

There’s a list of ideas on how to “go galt” – that is, truly live out an Objectivist protest against the constricting fabric of society. They say, for example, you should stop taking public transit to liberate yourself from subsidizing collectivist transit.

But that’s just a cop-out. If you want to do it right, you should stop driving on taxpayer-financed roads and obeying taxpayer-financed traffic laws. And definitely don’t use those meddlesome taxpayer-funded ambulances if you crash your car and get injured, or if someone beats you senseless for driving against the light down the sidewalk.

If you avoid using the taxpayer-funded grid to get taxpayer-subsidized electricity from coddled and over-regulated utilities, and switch to wood for heat and candles for lighting, and your house catches fire, be sure to put the fire out yourself rather than relying on your local corrupt taxpayer-funded fire departments.

Foodwise, you should definitely dig your own well and sterilize your own water rather than using the public water authority. And for goodness sake, don’t eat anything made from corn – that’s heavily funded by disgusting socialist subsidies that distort the true force of market pricing. That includes not just corn itself, but also sodas, baked goods, beef, pork, chicken, tilapia, E10 and E85 gasoline, beer, liquor, you name it. And definitely don’t buy any food that’s been transported through the tax-subsidized interstate highway system – only buy local foods carted in by donkey on footpaths.

Meanwhile, be sure to pull your kids out of school. Of course, to properly home-school them in the Galt tradition, you’ll need to teach them only things you already know or can learn without relying on taxpayer-funded curricula, taxpayer-funded libraries, or the taxpayer-funded internet. So, basically, just bible study. Although most of those bibles are produced through religious charities and that Jesus guy seems like he was pretty into helping the poor, so you might want to reconsider that. I guess just read to them from Atlas Shrugged and make them memorize the multiplication tables. I’m sure that will be enough for them to sustain themselves in a new individualist society.

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