I Love Factoids

Things I have learned recently:

From the NYT on tattoo history: “The red star trademark of Macy’s department store, we learn, might well have evolved from the tattoo that the store’s founder, Rowland Macy, had on his arm when he sailed on a whaling ship.”

The word bombora is an Australian aboriginal term for places where big, big waves break over offshore rocks. Bomboras represent a navigation hazard and an awesome surfing challenge. (Learned this reading Breath, by Tim Winton, a story of risk, death, coming-of-age, and the origins of big-wave surfing.

Texas governor Rick Perry hates interference from Washington and would consider secession, but not before getting $11 million from the feds to rebuild his mansion.

There’s a strong correlation between Wealth, education, and liberalism, and a converse correlation between poverty, ignorance, and voting for McCain.

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