What you get for… $250,000

The NYT has chosen $250,000 as the price point for the latest in its “What you get for…” series, and the properties include a house in Maine and a condo in Dallas. And just after reading that article, I got an email promoting a similarly priced house in Cambridge, MA. This one is definitely a keeper:

Location!!! Location !!! Location!!! Big Single Family damaged by fire in need of Repairs and debris removal to regain its style. Located One Block from Inman Square and Minutes from Union Square Somerville, Central Square Cambridge, Harvard Square Cambridge and very Short Walking Distance from Cambridge Hospital. .. Only Cash Buyers or Rehab Loan.. need Flash Lights for showings- SOLD AS IS!!! SOLD AS IS!!!GREAT DEAL/ GREAT LOCATION

A friend of mine lives near the place, and says she’s been inside it – apparently it wasn’t well secured after the fire – and that it’s a “piss-scented vermin-filled disaster” that needs a wrecking ball more than a rehab. But who knows, “maybe some buyer will be really drawn in by the squatter graffitti.”

Talk about a great deal! A quarter-mil for a teardown!

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