What could possibly go wrong

My current favorite blogger, the guy over at Gin and Tacos, has a wonderful description of how much he wants Haley Barbour to win the Republican nomination for president. Not because he supports the Republican party, of course, but because it would be entertaining:

Haley Barbour is like Central Casting’s version of a Republican presidential nominee: a fat, sweaty racist from Mississippi with a Boss Hog drawl. Short of exhuming and reanimating George Wallace to run on a ticket with Orval Faubus, Barbour is the best thing that can happen to this election. I need entertainment value to get through an 18 month election cycle; it won’t get much better than seeing Obama debate Foghorn Leghorn.

Well, that’s one way to look at it, I guess.

2 thoughts on “What could possibly go wrong”

  1. There was a legendary old Albuquerque journalist who used to argue in favor of reporters “voting your professional interest”, by which he meant the most batshit crazy candidate. They make better copy!


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