Eating the Future

Krugman’s editorial awhile back noted that the Republican majority in the House is pretty much dedicated to eating the future. That is, they’re cutting everything that won’t hurt until later. So, they’re cutting nutrition for children, because children don’t vote, and malnourished adults won’t be a problem for another 15 years.

And they’re cutting youth sports and after-school activities. In response, we’re seeing a surge in boxing as parents try to find a cheap alternative to letting the kids hang out on the corner after school being recruited into criminal mischief. We’re likely to see more crime from the kids who can’t stick with the parentally-sponsored sports, and more brain damage from the kids who do, but neither one will hurt for five or twenty years. And a crime wave isn’t even a problem for Republicans, it just feeds into the narrative of undeserving criminal classes that need to be punished.

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