Oh, I love quizzes that tell me about myself

Gawker has a great takedown of David Brooks and his love of crypto-racist Charles Murray.

Brooks, like Jeff Jacoby, seems to exist solely as a token conservative who reassures liberal newspaper-buyers that conservatives are idiots. But I think that’s not really the case. Well, not for Brooks. Jacoby’s opinions really are such a caricature of conservatism I can’t actually believe he’s serious, or that anyone would publish him as an honest and sincere advocate for anything.

But Brooks does a slightly better job of seeming reasonable. I mean, he’s identifying actual problems, like a widening cultural divide accompanying the widening economic divide. But his understanding of the causes and solutions are so stupid it just burns.

Anyway, Murray has a quiz he wants isolated upper-crusters to take to determine about engagement with the 99%. Gawker fills it out for all the candidates, and of course, Obama wins. Durh.

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