I’ve finally gotten around to watching the Popcorn Sutton documentary “This is the last dam run of likker I’ll ever make,” and it’s somewhere between awesome and horrible. He was a showman and a raconteur, and he put together a business out of being a hillbilly mountain man and cultivating the moonshiner mistique. And also he was, in fact, a moonshiner, and not in the romantic gentleman outlaw artisanal distiller way. More in the cheap unlicensed booze way. After this movie was made, he sold it and promoted it and profited from it. And he also continued to make liquor, “last dam run” or not. He got busted. Then he committed suicide.

Anyway, you can find the doc up on YouTube as a series of 10-minute clips, all of them worth watching.

But look at a picture of Mr. Sutton, and listen to him talk about how soon he’ll be gone, and tell me it’s not obvious, at least in retrospect, that he’s less a hillbilly and more a mountain revenant warning us of inevitable doom.

Popcorn Sutton

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