I may need to resume my angry real estate blogging

Because this horrible monstrosity is on the market in Boston, asking $4,775,000. How much does it cost to look that cheap? How much does it cost to get “hand-picked Statuario marble” countertops that ugly? I suppose the kitchen would be OK if you usually eat out or have staff cook for you, but look at the decorative moldings on the kitchen island’s faux buttresses. IT LOOKS CLASSICAL AND CURLY IT MUST BE SOPHISTICATED. I hate to imagine the person who eventually does buy this and enjoy it, or the person who buys it and then spends another million bucks ripping out all the tat and replacing it with something halfway tasteful.

It reminds me of nothing so much as the homeless man I saw this morning on the way to work, carrying most of his worldly belongings in a Nieman Marcus bag.

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