Picking Tile Sounded Fun At First

Oh god. Tile. There are so. many. kinds. of. tile. I’m really feeling Yellow Brick Home’s post about indecision.

Early on in our pinteresting, we found some really sweet large hexagonal tiles in a rich cobalt blue. Of course, they’re $35 a square foot. So, that’s right out. And where would we even put them?

We’ve got a lot of different places to pick tile for:

  • Half bathroom: We’ve got plain walls here and all-white fixtures so we can choose something fun and bold here.
  • Pantry: This can be plain and neutral. It’s just the pantry, we’re not showing off. Or we could just go with the same tile that’s in the half bathroom, since they’re next to each other.
  • Kitchen backsplash: This is a small space, so we could pick something kind of expensive per square foot and not break the bank. Or we could pick plain subways and put them in a neat pattern and just let it hide behind all the other stuff going on in the kitchen. It doesn’t need to be a focal point.
  • Full bathroom, floor and tub surround: This is the hard one, since there’s a lot going on in this room and a lot of surfaces to tile. There’s a brick wall on one side, the vanity cabinet is wood veneer, the rest of the fixtures are white, and we’ll need to choose a few bits of marble or other stone for some other spots. The goal here is to keep it subtle and mostly neutral since there’s a lot of other stuff going on.
  • Full bathroom, shower: Do we pick one kind of tile for the whole shower, or do we do one thing on the floor and another on the walls? Either way it needs to be reasonable when seen next to the other tile in the rest of the bathroom.

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