Nasty, Brutish, Short

Fear makes me angry. I think this is one of the causes of my frequent anger at the world– people (and I include myself here) tend to be too afraid or too weak to make decisions, acknowledge realities, bear burdens. Stupid lazy weak miserable human beings, all of us.

Song of the day is “Despedida” by Manu Chao (US site). A portion of the lyrics is below.

Ya estoy curado
Ya me he olvidado de ti.
Hoy me despido de tu ausencia,
ya estoy en paz.
Ya no te espero,
ya no te llamo,
ya no te engaño.
Hoy te he borrado
de me paciencia.
Hoy fui capaz
Now I am cured,
Now I have forgotten you.
Today I say goodbye to your absence,
now I am in peace.
Now I do not wait for you
Now I do not call you
Now I do not cheat you
Today I have erased you
from my patience
Today I could.