Pleasing Nobody

Bush’s immigration speech seems to have pleased nobody. The right thinks it’s not tough enough, and the left thinks it’s a militarization of the border. Even Hindrocket of Pajamas Media doesn’t like it.

But honestly, it’s perhaps the sole reasonable thing he’s said in about forever. It isn’t actually feasible to deport every illegal immigrant. We’re going to have to face up to people wanting to come to the US, and we’re going to need some kind of legal program to bring them into the fold, and give them a path to citizenship. To stop people from being exploited and to stop wages from being depressed, we need to punish companies who hire undocumented workers. And yeah, we should probably put some more enforcement staff on the border– although the national guard is almost certainly terrible idea.

Anyway, it’s a harsh welcome to reality for Dubya: he’s squandered all his goodwill, and now, no matter what he does, nobody is going to trust or believe him.

I have rarely been so happy to say I told you so.