The Flesh-pots of Babylon

You know what’s dark and cold? Boston in February. So six months ago, Megan and I decided to go somewhere warm for a few days, wherever we could get cheap tickets and good food. That turned out to be South Beach, the land of the fifteen dollar cocktail, the twenty-five-dollar appetizer, and the automatic eighteen-percent tip. We diverted ourselves by counting Hummers– over fifty in just three days– and watching news coverage of Anna Nicole Smith. All in all, I had a lovely time and am glad to be back here where it is cold and dark.

I leave you with this short clip from a news program in which the host mocks the recently deceased:

One thought on “The Flesh-pots of Babylon”

  1. I learned about Anna Nicole Smith’s death from the subject line of a spam message. I think this portends something about the future of (a) news, (b) spam filtering, (c) all of the above?


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