Beyonce and gender politics walked into a bar

Here’s a cute video of a little boy dancing and being silly. Click through to read the dozens of comments arguing about how his father must have abandoned him, how he needs to be playing football instead of dancing, whether he’s been abused, and so forth, plus prayers about shielding our children from the negative influences of BET.

Sure, I think we can all agree that BET is fucked up and that pop stars are not good role models. I agree that it’s a little odd to see a kid dancing in what is basically a sexualized and provocative manner. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with a kid dancing and singing and playing around. Kids play at being grownups, and that includes dancing like the grownups they see on TV.

I mean, when I was about ten one of my favorite songs was “Darling Nikki.” I had no idea what it was about– I just knew it sounded good. When I tried to enter a summer-camp lip synch contest and do that, they wouldn’t let me and I didn’t know why. It was perfectly right for the counselors to stop me from doing that, but if they hadn’t it wouldn’t have meant anything. Only in retrospect, with adult knowledge, does that kind of behavior seem unwholesome. The kid dancing in the video has probably forgotten it, and moved on to playing Superman or Tyra Banks or cops and robbers.

8 thoughts on “Beyonce and gender politics walked into a bar”

  1. That kids got some moves. Too bad his father never taught him the “toss the pizza” or more importantly a masculine move like my signature move “slap that ass then donkey punch the biatch.”


  2. I don’t really have time to go read all the comments, but it seems to me that people are probably upset because he’s a boy imitating a female singer, and looking pretty gay doing it. Also, do you know how I found this today? Doing my Tyra Banks blog search for TTS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  3. crap. I also meant to tell you that I loved your title, and was going to email this to you, until I realized it was yours.


  4. This is one of the most embarrassing moments of my ENTIRE Culture, as African Americans.

    Not only has this moment displayed the reason why Homosexuality in the African American Culture has increased 10-fold, but it also it displays just how much damage is taking place to our society due to the Bastard-Child syndrome.

    However, my final comment can only be directed to those Prejudice Assholes who for some unknown reason believe that somehow “BET” is the root of the problem. Yet, “MTV & VH1” put more Homosexual activity and lifestyles on a daily basis than “BET” has EVER done in its history of being on air. Keep your ignorant Prejudice to yourself.

    Oh yeah, for those dumb-asses who are going to attempt to call me prejudice because of my comments vs. homosexuality. Remember, homosexuality IS NOT A RACE OF PEOPLE. They’re mentally twisted individuals that pray upon the weak-minded innocent mislead youth. Unfortunately, that young boy in that video is already halfway to being a full fledged homosexual because His MOTHER made him that way.


  5. Truly sad somebody thought it was cute to record and put on the internet a little boy acting like a little girl. Heartbreaking.


  6. I don’t think that doing this twisted video can determine the sexuality of this poor child. But I do think that he should be doing other things in his spare time, instead of all that damn twisting to the left.


  7. Well I agree with what you wrote about this. I do have a problem with the idea that this dance was TAUGHT to him by adults for this purpose (it looks more complicated and complete than something he got by just watching) but if a kid is just watching tv (again something that shouldn’t be done unsupervised) and he picked this up, then oh well… it’s normal play for a child his age to mimic.

    We as the adults need to take responisiblity and let it be more than an issue of homophobia. FEAR has never been a good answer to anything. And it seems the only reason people are responding so strongly is because they FEAR what they think this is saying about them.

    I also agree with what “how black males should act” says when he questions would we have such a harsh reaction to seeing a little boy cursing someone out? Would it be better if he was thugged out with his pants sagged and an ear-ring blinggin’ in his ear? Or how about if he were rapping anything lil’ Wane wrote?

    I tell ya… our priorities are all mixed up… and the most we can do is make internet posts about this crap. (Myself included) LORD HELP US 4 REAL!


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