The Very Rich are Different from You and Me

Blind items from E! suggest that President Bush has started drinking and smoking again, and that Laura Bush is now living at the Hay-Adams hotel, and using the side door to avoid photographers.

David Beckham just spent twelve million dollars on a mansion in Beverly Hills. I saw a new condo building in Cambridge this weekend that starts at $300k for 500 square feet. With a view of Mass Ave. The noisy, fume-choked units top out at close to a million. The only reason to build something like that, it seems to me, is to sell to people who are too rich to bother with thinking before they shell out that kind of cash, or to people who are so desperate to own something that they’ll pay any price, sign any mortgage, buy at the top of any market, just to be able to talk knowledgeably about mortgage interest deductions at cocktail parties.

What’s the common thread here? I’m not sure. Outrage and absurdity, perhaps? Too much money and not enough brains? Let’s get hopped up and make some bad decisions?

We’re a ship of fools with an angry drunk at the helm. We’re all gonna die.

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