More housing market pontifications

From Bloomberg: To say that ex-housing the economy is doing just fine is tantamount to claiming that, ex-Iraq, Bush’s Middle-East policy is a rousing success.

The thing is, I still eventually want to buy something. And if I were absolutely sure I’d be there for more than five years, I’d be tempted to buy, even now. But I don’t have the job security — unless they have tenure, nobody does– to be sure. Buying a house is a bet, it seems to me. And I am not a gambler.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Can you say with confidence that you’ll be able to pay the same amount of money for housing?

One thought on “More housing market pontifications”

  1. Eventually buy something… there for more than five years…

    Have you considered buying a cemetery plot? When the time comes, job security won’t be a factor.


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