At Least They’re Now Denying It

Family Security Matters, which, according to SourceWatch, is actually run by the Center For Security Policy, has pulled an embarrassing article from their website.

What does it say? That Bush should be president for life, that we should have nuked Iraq, that democracy is the enemy of greatness, that kind of thing. Typical right-wing craziness, really, although perhaps a little less subtle than usual. Still, it didn’t strike me as anything Michelle Malkin wouldn’t agree with. On the other hand, it also sounded like a parody, or something written by a disgruntled intern bent on embarrassing them, or something you might see in The Onion. It’s hard to tell. After all, the acronym FSM is oddly familiar. But on the other hand, maybe it’s just the same old “blame-America-first attitude I see in the right wing so much these days. I just don’t know.

Regardless, the article has disappeared from the Family Security website. Google cached versions of the page are making the rounds of the usual political websites.

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