How to apply to business school

Alternate essay my brother and I came up with while editing his b-school application: My name is J-Dub, and this… is my career. [Insert video of rioting Bolivian prostitutes.] I want to become a successful businessman, but I can’t do it with just a background in gas-canister dodging and government contracting. So please, MBA, pimp my career!

While searching for an appropriate image to go with that, I discovered that “Pimp My Ride” has been doing a UK version for the past two years. It seems only fair, after the US has imported remakes of all these UK shows like “The Office” and “Viva Blackpool,” to export something to them. Something like a Morris Minor with spinning rims. No, really: The first car they did was a Morris Minor.

2 thoughts on “How to apply to business school”

  1. Although to be fair it was not the prostitutes rioting…it was the local anti-puta residents…and what husband is going to disagree with his wife when she goes on an brothel burning binge. He’ll be “Crystal, I’m sorry…my wife made me…I’ll call you later,” as he pours gasoline on the thigh high plastic boots.


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