In Which I Support The Local Economy

I have joined a network of Boston-area bloggers to post some Boston-area ads on my Boston-area blog about Boston-area stuff. (Note keyword usage! Search-engine optimization ahoy!) This is at least partly because I have spent so much money supporting the Boston-area economy that I could really use a few extra bucks. So, click my ads over there in the right column.

My first local-economy screwup was the classic mistake of OK’ing some repairs to a motorcycle without getting a written estimate. Some things I asked for I knew were going to be expensive: the 15,000 mile service, for example, or putting new springs in the front forks (which really did help, and was totally worth it). But Greater Boston Motorsports didn’t give me a break on the little stuff, and because I didn’t ask them to write it down, I didn’t realize how much it was going to cost me. They replaced a brake lever for me. Now, I could have done that for ten or fifteen bucks worth of parts and about an hour of my time. They got a fifty dollar brake lever and charged me thirty bucks to install it. And I had to pay it, because, well, I’m a chump, and I didn’t get a written estimate beforehand, and the OEM lever does cost fifty bucks, and twenty minutes of tech time does cost thirty bucks. If I’d known they were going to charge me full price for that, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Half the lever works just as well as the whole lever.

Right after having my wallet sodomized by my good friends in Arlington, I went to the Porter Square Veterinarians and got my cats some dentistry. Let’s just say that cat dentistry is not cheap. I know they have a good dentist, but let me tell you, nothing is less appealing than trying to save money by brushing your cat’s teeth. That shrimp-flavored toothpaste is nasty.

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