Idiots In Power

Congress has decided that we should send more business overseas. Now we can’t even kill horses. Of course, you can euthanize your own horses with a pistol on the back 40, no problem. Or you could just leave it out in a field to die on its own, if you’ve got a field to spare, and can bear to watch it suffer. Or you could pay a large-animal to dispose of it for you. But you can’t sell a horse to be killed professionally for glue or leather or meat… in the US. So you now have to send them to a Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouse. Because if there’s one thing an old horse needs other than to be killed, it’s to be shipped to fucking Canada before being killed.

Cows, deer, bison, llama, alpaca, goats, sheep, chickens, fish? All totally OK to kill, as long as you don’t film it (filming it makes it horrible, you see.) But killing horses? You monster! Horses must never die!

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