The Boston Globe Is Writing About The Urban Paramedic

I got an email from someone at the Globe yesterday asking if I was available to be interviewed about the blog “Other People’s Emergencies,” a.k.a. The Urban Paramedic. It’s basically just the stories of adventure and frustration and medical drama that play out when you’re a paramedic. It could be a TV medical drama, except that it’s realistic and well-written.

It’s one of my favorite blogs, and the person writing it knows a hell of a lot about what they’re doing, about the city, and about duty and justice and commitment. And they’ve signed up to be a JAG, too, which is also incredible.
comment on it often enough that I guess the person writing the story tracked me down and emailed me.

I wrote back and told the reporter I was available, but they didn’t call me. I guess they had enough sources or something. That’s OK. I’m glad someone’s working on a mainstream media story about the Urban Paramedic, because that’s a voice that deserves to be heard.

3 thoughts on “The Boston Globe Is Writing About The Urban Paramedic”

  1. It does give readers a window on that high-stress life. I’ve read a lot of blogs like that, by firefighters, taxicab drivers, cops. Of course, a lot of them blog anonymously.


  2. I find it fascinating hearing about urban life from someone who has an up close p.o.v. to things/situations that many of us would probably prefer to ignore.

    When’s the article coming out?


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