Lived Experience Fights Dirty

Cat And Girl is good today. I am pretty good today too, despite a headache I will blame on dry air rather than admit that I have a hangover. I wrote the following clever banter which I am proud of:

The problem with tall, skinny celebrities like Eva Longoria Parker is that you end up with tall, skinny pictures of them. And then you have to write text to go next to those tall, skinny pictures.

In this case, I need 426 vertical pixels of filler. So, here it is:

Eva Longoria Parker is in London. She is wearing a sparkly gold and black dress that seems designed to make her look like some sort of tropical fish. Perhaps it is a commentary on the ‘fishbowl’ that stars live in, thanks to paparazzi and media scrutiny.

On the other hand, maybe she’s just been hanging out with Victoria Beckham too much, and has begun to think that “expensive” plus “gold” equals “classy.”

Less likely theories include “she’s become a magician’s assistant” and “cocaine’s a hell of a drug.” Anyone else got a guess?

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