TV Criticism: Respect Your Audience

I think I’m bordering on disrespect for my audience in this post, but I feel strongly that spending any significant amount of time and energy and money to “save” a TV show is a serious sign of misplaced priorities. Sure, if you like the show, write a note saying it’s great. People love them some feedback. But buying box after box of nuts or Tabasco or lightbulbs or Rice-A-Roni? Please.

Things look bleak for the Dillon Panthers, and the small, dedicated fanbase is rallying to keep "Friday Night Lights" lit in yet another one of those incredibly irritating "save my show" endeavors.

Look, I get that you like the show. I get that it’s well-made and that it’s been mistreated by the network, who gave it a shaky lead-in and a terrible time-slot and then punished it for not getting an audience. But do we need to build an enormous groundswell of support and a fan-driven protest to save what is, at best, just another high-school drama?

Yes, I know it’s more than just a football show. Hot kids, small town, relationships, love, learning, complex on-and-off-the-field social dynamics. I get that high-school football is a big deal for a small town in Texas and television about high-school football is a big deal for fans. But get over yourself, BWE: It’s not an "act of cruelty" to cancel your favorite show. You want to see an act of cruelty? Watch the video below, which shows airport police killing a man with a taser. (Warning: Contains actual footage of actual airport police actually killing a man with a taser.) After that, are you still outraged about "Friday Night Lights" getting only two seasons?

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