Skincare Advice From Opticians

When I got a pair of eyeglasses, the fine folks at Eye-Q in Harvard Square gave me some very good advice: I should care for them and clean them just as I did my face. A year or so later, I went back to have some screws tightened and the nosepiece adjusted and they asked me how I’d been taking care of them. I said, just like I do my face: Ignore it until it’s too filthy to see through, then wipe it off with my shirttail.

Apparently that’s not what they meant. They clarified that I should wash both my face and my glasses with warm water and mild soap, and then dry them with a lint-free cloth. At that point I should put a gentle moisturizer on the opaque parts to prevent drying and flaking.

I suggested that they open a glasses-and-skin spa but they didn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea.

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