Psst. Wanna buy some pistons?

Hey, greasemonkeys: I got a weird-ass offer for you: Pistons. Well, mostly pistons, but also some other stuff. And these aren’t any old pistons: They’re incredible high-performance Cosworth pistons. Now, I’m not gonna lie to you, they might be kind of obscure. But you should totally have one just in case you later come across something they’ll fit into.


I got pistons for Nissan and Datsun A12, A13, A14 engines. I got pistons for Porsche 911 3.7 and 3.8L models. I got some freaky pistons for bored-out high-compression Chevy and Pontiac small-block V8s. Really, all kinds of pistons. Not many con-rods. I’m not sure what a con-rod is, really, but I got a couple boxes of them. Also a bunch of assorted, probably mis-matched oil rings. I’m told pistons need oil rings, but lord only knows which of these pistons needs which of these oil rings. Like I have one cardboard tube labeled “Oil rings Cosworth 71.1mm?”

I got a stack of flanges, two boxes SKS 44mm side-draft carbs, a couple gauges of indeterminate type, some assorted flywheels and clutch plates for Beemers, and a cardboard box full of stock pipe headers from something, possibly a BMW M3.

Seriously: You need some billet aluminum camshafts? Hit me up.

3 thoughts on “Psst. Wanna buy some pistons?”

  1. All the pistons are unused and new-in-box. I’ve got between 7 and 15 complete sets of each. Some are standard size but extra-light, and some are over-bore or have custom deck heights. I assume the cams are the same – some standard but lighter or stronger, some weirdly lumpy depending on the torque curve the Malvern Racing team was trying to get that weekend.

    And no, I’m not going to ship overseas.


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