Higher, stronger, and swifter right into the goddamn ground.

Seeing our jackass embarrassment of a president schmooze with Olympians just makes me want to break the TV.

I guess he’s no more of an embarrassment than the Chinese gymnastics team, which is obviously faking the birthdates of its athletes to get them to competition age. Seriously, look at the difference between the American and Chinese gymnasts– the Chinese have fielded a team of children who have no idea how badly they’re going to injure themselves.

I love watching the Olympics. But you have to keep in mind a phrase that I think is attributed to Brecht: “Competitive sport begins where healthy sport ends.” You don’t need state-sponsored doping programs to know that. You can see the president using nominally non-political events for political purposes and know it.

One thought on “Higher, stronger, and swifter right into the goddamn ground.”

  1. Also fun was listening to the idiot analyst on NBC complaining about the Romanian coach comforting the gymnast who made some mistake. In the old days, the Romanians never would have done that! They would have simply taken her out back and had her shot. And it’s been downhill for them ever since.


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