What Could Be Worse Than The Creeping Socialism Of The New Deal? Civil Rights!

I’m constantly amazed that the WSJ has such wingnuts in charge of its editorial page. Most of America, for example, likes having a safety net that keeps Grandma from eating dog food. Not the Journal, though. Today, they are warning us that a Democratic majority could bring such dangerous and damaging legislation as we haven’t seen since socialists did things like bring electricity to the rural poor:

The nation has had prior almighty Senates, of course, and it hasn’t been pretty. Free of the filibuster check, the world’s greatest deliberative body tends to go on benders. It was a filibuster-proof Democratic majority (or near to it, in his first years) that allowed FDR to pass his New Deal. It was a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate that allowed Lyndon Johnson to pass his Great Society.

Given the economic news these days, it’s particularly striking that the WSJ should come out against a program that helped lift the nation out of the Great Depression, or that they should oppose the idea that federal spending might go to public works rather than KBR, Exxon, and Halliburton.

And then there’s this: 

Note, however, that it could have been worse…. Johnson ran the risk that the GOP would ally with Southern Democrats. There was some check.

Yes, the WSJ just said it was grateful for racist Dixiecrats blocking civil rights legislation. Just a quick reminder that if you’re just not comfortable with brown folks, you need to join the GOP.

While we’re thinking of false beliefs that would be laughable if they weren’t so harmful, have a look at this list of the Five Most Hilariously Boneheaded Anti-Obama Smears. (Note: I don’t generally like Alternet, but this is better than average for them.)

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