The Official Aaron Weber Voting Guide

I know you care deeply about how I plan to vote, so here’s my guide to voting in the Somerville area:

Elected officials: I am on the record as being in favor of elected officials. I’m voting a straight Democratic ticket, despite the fact that Bob Underwood, the Quixotic Party candidate to unseat John Kerry, has a cute walrusy mustache and is a member of a Jewish gun club.

Ballot measures:

Question 1: Abolish the income tax?
Probably a bad idea, but I doubt it makes much difference. If we ditch the income tax, we’ll have an increase in sales and property taxes, and it’ll come out about the same.

Question 2: Decriminalize marijuana?
You know, if we legalized and taxed it, instead of just leaving it in a gray area, we really could cut the income tax.

Question 3: Abolish dog tracks?
Just think of them as little horses!

One thought on “The Official Aaron Weber Voting Guide”

  1. Regarding question 3, it’s not the gambling I have issue with, it’s the dogs. If they were treated like little horses, I might vote otherwise. But I’m with the MSPCA on this one.


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