Why do evangelicals hate the economy?

The gay marriage ban is damaging the bridal industry. As I’ve said before, it makes no sense to have such intrusive government regulation of the business of setting up a household.

I saw a protestor on TV last night holding a sign that said “Yes On 8: Less Government.” Which is pretty much the opposite of true. But then, I’m used to the opposite of true from the anti-marriage, anti-love, anti-household-formation, anti-small-business crowd that creates the right in this country.

My old pal Mark has a great analysis of Republican coalitions since 1902: The upshot is that plutocrats dominated the party, and Coolidge and Hoover really screwed things up for the party and the country. Only in the sixties was the Republican party able to peel off enough special to form a winning coalition: Nixon attracted racists who hated the civil rights act, McGovern alienated the xenophobes and warmongers, and of course the bible-beaters left the tent when the Dems came out against homophobia, sexism, and back-alley abortions. Fox News, as much as it’s been thumping for social conservatism, is fundamentally a plutocrat-led institution, and so it has now begun to undermine Sarah Palin, because she’s not part of their core constituency of rich bastards and people who just hate the poor.

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