Do We Need GM?

Bloomberg: General Motors Corp. plummeted as much as 31 percent after a Deutsche Bank AG analyst downgraded the shares and cut the price target to zero.

I’m sure there’s a very good answer to this question, but why should GM continue to exist? It doesn’t seem to sell very good products. If GM went under, maybe the remaining US automakers could survive. Maybe if we had some sort of national health plan, GM and the rest of the US manufacturing sector could be competitive.

But they’d still have to start making products that don’t suck and get more than 20MPG… and offering them to US customers as well as Europeans.

One thought on “Do We Need GM?”

  1. I think it’s funny that many republicans pretty much say “fuck em”. They lost, so they don’t get to win.
    Maybe they drive foreign cars…, but many democrats approve the bailout, for mostly economic reasons. Those amount of people involved in the US auto market (from retailer to knock-off parts dealer) is amazingly large. My knee-jerk coincided with the first reaction, but if down the line that’s going to cause even more domestic economic trouble I might vote in favor of keeping them around. oh wait, this won’t make German parts more expensive right?? I really could new motor mounts.., and driveshaft, front shocks too would be awesome……

    Something I saw:
    Will the Big Three Fail?


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