Recipe For Bachelor Evening

Thaw three beef marrow bones. Roast at 400 degrees with salt, pepper, any herbs on hand, until gooey and sizzling (45 minutes or so). Place over salad greens, top with parsley, lemon, toast, and more salt and pepper.

Eat with hands. There’s not much marrow, but you can gnaw on the bones to get bits of fat and meat off of them. Picking the gristle from your teeth counts as flossing, and the tallow all over everything surrounding you counts as either moisturizer or furniture polish.

Yes, the lady of the house is out for the evening.

3 thoughts on “Recipe For Bachelor Evening”

  1. That’s how I should floss…… finally a good way/reason.

    ok so more marrow…., and hence shinier more lustrous furniture.


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