Netflix streaming: Want Half a DVD?

My new DVD player has an ethernet jack and supports streaming directly from Netflix. This is, frankly, awesome. The library is incomplete, but broad enough that I’ll never get through all of it.

What’s weird is the way it seems to be handling TV shows: Sometimes, you can only stream part of a disc, and then have to order it by mail to watch the rest of it.

For example, 12 of the 14 episodes in “Dead Like Me” Season 1 are available. That’s three and a half discs. To watch the last two episodes, you have to order Disc 4 by mail… a disc which contains two episodes you’ve probably already seen before it arrives.

Season 2 is even stranger: Not only are about half the episodes only available by mail, but they are distributed unevenly through the season. For example, episodes 2, 3, and 4 are streamable, but episode 1 is not.

Can anyone explain why Netflix would bother making only portions of a disc available for download?

One thought on “Netflix streaming: Want Half a DVD?”

  1. At first I was thinking that Netflix isn’t ready to have people switch over entirely to “Watch Instantly,” but actually it sounds more like a symptom of an incomplete streaming library. Hopefully Netflix is focusing on expanding it!


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