Do you recognize that song?

The song chosen for the background of the following series of interviews about the housing bubble?

“Pawn Shop” by Sublime. Kind of fitting, really, to have the anthem of collapse be the tale of a ratty thrash band whose lead singer kept pawning their equipment to buy heroin.

4 thoughts on “Do you recognize that song?”

  1. I agree with the sublime comment, however I think that “rolled up” might be more fitting… and actually i think rolled up is by the new sublime, aka longbeach dub allstars. 🙂 Nice Video.


  2. I like sublime, although I agree it is a bit of an odd choice. If they wanted to tell it from another perspective they may have gone with the Bosstone’s “Impression that I Get.” It seems working americans who are seeing lay offs and forclosures could relate to:

    ….Have you ever been close to tragedy
    Or been close to folks who have
    Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
    So heavy you collapse
    I’ve never had to knock on wood
    But I know someone who has
    Which makes me wonder if I could
    It makes me wonder if
    I’ve never had to knock on wood
    And I’m glad I haven’t yet
    Because I’m sure it isn’t good
    that’s the impression that I get…..


  3. When I think of the economic downturn, one song instantly comes to mind. Last Resort by the Eagles.

    Some rich men came and raped the land,
    Nobody caught ’em
    Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus,
    people bought ’em
    And they called it paradise
    The place to be
    They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea

    You can leave it all behind
    and sail to Lahaina
    just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
    They even brought a neon sign: “Jesus is coming”
    Brought the white man’s burden down
    Brought the white man’s reign

    Who will provide the grand design?
    What is yours and what is mine?
    ‘Cause there is no more new frontier
    We have got to make it here

    To me, all this says is this–For years and years, we’ve made our bed. Now we have to lie in it. We did this to ourselves. The Eagles know what’s up.


  4. Sublime? As an intro to a vid titled “American Visionaries”? Those potheads who talk about their dog and incite sympathy will talks of riots and detox in rehab? Whoah…The only visionaries they are is the type seeing the “visuals” on PCP..
    Yea, the guys who wrote “smoke 2 joints” are real visionaries and perfect for this video’s intro..

    Take the lyrics, “There goes my hero. Hes ordinary. Kudos my hero leaving all the best.” that John McCain used on his presidential campaign. Dave Grohl getting a doctorate and writing hit music makes him a visionary, you should’ve gone that route… Sorry about the criticism but it’s meant to enlighten you and be constructive. Great video otherwise!


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