Water Use In New England and New Mexico

Even in the comparatively rain-soaked northeast we’ve got water troubles, as the recent Globe article on overuse of our river resources indicates. Well, I sent that out to my friend John Fleck in Albuquerque, who does a lot of science and drought reporting for the paper there.

He commented that drought isn’t necessarily a specific low level of water – just less than you use. Obviously New Englanders could use a lot less water than they do, but they’re used to not having to worry about it, so they don’t. And then they run out.

Other Southwesterners are likely to be a little less sympathetic. For example, this water-blogger in Tuscon just seems surprised that there aren’t any of the usual water-use policies that everyone’s familiar with in Arizona. I guess those rain-rich New Englanders will have to act like reasonable human beings instead of profligate wastrels. It kind of reminds me of the people who comment on financial articles illustrating families who run into financial trouble even when they make a lot of money.

It’s easy: Just spend more than your income.

Same with water: Don’t pay attention, and you’ll wreck everything.

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