It’s been awhile since I wrote a strongly worded letter

But I sent one today, to Fred Dekow, M.D., the Associate Medical Director of the Physician Review Unit at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA:

Fred –
I got your letter today indicating that my fiancee’s emergency appendectomy was probably, but not definitely, covered by her insurance. Thank you for letting us know.

Your letter reminded me of a joke about three medical professionals awaiting entrance to heaven. The first, a surgeon, tells St. Peter that he knows he’s led an imperfect life, but that his service to humanity as a physician and healer merits him some kind of reward. Peter agrees and lets him in. The second, a hospital director, tells St. Peter that he wanted to help people but was afraid of blood, so he went into a field that allowed him to make sure the supplies and staff that did the healing were available at the right time and in the right place. St. Peter says he’s done a reasonable job and lets him pass.

The third is an insurance company executive. He tells St. Peter that his salvation-worthy accomplishment was preventing unnecessary medical care, thereby lowering medical costs and making treatment available to more people. St. Peter says, well, you can come in, but you can only stay for 36 hours. After that, you know where to go.

How the hell do you sleep at night?

Aaron Weber

4 thoughts on “It’s been awhile since I wrote a strongly worded letter”

  1. When I went in for the emergency gall bladder surgery, a medical case worker told my husband (I was in surgery at the time) that I shouldn’t worry about the cost of it, it should all be covered.

    Three months later I got the $4,000 in medical bills that I’m still paying off…


  2. Occasionally my Canadian friends bitch about the health care system up here, and suggest that the US system is maybe a better idea. This makes me laugh, in a bleak, not-at-all-funny kind of way. Good letter.


  3. “How the hell do you sleep at night?”

    On a big pile of money, and patient letters that are laughed at, sarcastically, and then used to make pirate hats.


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