Is that what they mean by “Comcastic?”

I just moved to Cambridge from Somerville, and after a week of being offline, I had my Comcast setup appointment this afternoon. The guy showed up and brought me a cable box that was exactly the same as my RCN cable box from Somerville, only it doesn’t have HDMI outputs and doesn’t offer the channels I like in HD. He also gave me a setup CD for a “self-install” for my internet connection.

The setup program asked for my account number, which it said was available on my bill (which I haven’t gotten yet) or through the Comcast website, which I could reach by clicking a link further on in the message. A link which didn’t exist, and which wouldn’t have worked, because I didn’t have internet access set up. Classic.

I had to call and spend a few minutes on hold being regaled by Ben Stein about the glories of Comcast before I could get an account rep to tell me my account number. Then I finished the setup process, rebooted, and… was asked to set up again. I did it twice more, gave up, and found that it worked when I came back to it several hours later.

So far, this is a lot more expensive and less convenient than RCN. But since there’s no competition – no, I’m not willing to go satellite+DSL, and there’s no FiOS here yet – it’s what I’m stuck with. Monopolies must be a pretty comcastic business to be in, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Is that what they mean by “Comcastic?””

  1. And it just got even more Craptastic© with the NBC buyout. RCN has done right by me since 2005, that is until they went all digital and dropped all analogue channels requiring a box for any channel, even 2-11 [lame].

    No HDMI on the box? Seriously? I would have ran to the nearest window, opened it, flung the box out and yelled “PATRICK NEED HDMI, YAAARG!!!”. I’m sure that would have helped my customer service experience.



  2. Yeah, I have to take the box over to the service center and get a different one.

    And I’d have preferred to stick with RCN but they don’t offer service where I am– I’m about 50 yards outside their service area.


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