Resuming the poetry project: Play Your Part

Well, I moved and then I was offline and then I was busy. But here’s one.

Play your part
“Even the tenderest stalk of flesh grows calloused with work…” – Mary Karr, The Devil’s Tour

We all got one, so don’t go thinking
you’re specially constrained.
Just pull your script and read your lines.
Smart one, pretty one, funny one, sad:
Lead or or not each role begins to chafe.

It’s unfair, I know, poor thing, it’s not what you deserve.
Well, as papa always told you life’s unfair,
what’s more, unfair on your behalf.

So strut and fret your hour, kid,
and then get up and go to work
and do your job and watch the clock
and pay your goddamn bills
and play your goddamn part.

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