Revision: Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Not yet sunrise, and in an upstairs window
behind a curtain across the street
a silhouette puts up her hair, leans forward
ten degrees to set her breasts in place
before an early shift.

Drunk alone and up all night again
with mute and stupid hopes, but even I
know better than to speak,
not well enough to look away.

I lean against the sill and let the focus fade.
Her light goes out; when dawn begins,
my head is hot against the glass.

(original version here)

One thought on “Revision: Sheer Curtains”

  1. Hi.
    Googled “campaign against real life” and found your blog, so I decided to have a look around. Really liked the feeling in this poem. Makes me start thinking about who the persons are and why…
    Anyway, thanks for giving me some inspiration to write. 🙂 -Cat


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