Business Writing Samples (Updated June 2012)

These business pieces are presented in contrast to the blog posts in the “portfolio” category on this site.

Direct Marketing Materials

  • Print: I led the project that produced a high-impact mailing for a highly-targeted audience. It consisted of a large envelope, data-driven cover letter, and two datasheets. The program resulted in a dramatic improvement in both contact and cure rates over a control group which got only a conventional set of letters and phone calls. I also managed an additional series of print messages for each of two different brands within the company.
  • Email: I was responsible for content and strategy for both the casual and more formal versions of a loan delinquency communications program. I wrote the copy and built the template and business logic in Silverpop for this program, which consisted of 9 different messages for each of the two brands.

Editing, Copywriting, and Search Engine Optimization

  • Shulman & Hill: I wrote a significant amount of the website copy for this tutoring company, where I also work as a college application essay editor for paying and pro bono clients.
  • Also as part of Shulman & Hill, I helped the charitable group Saving Teens In Crisis Coalition (STICC) develop a press release to promote their efforts.
  • SEO-driven website copy: United Domains needed short descriptions for new top-level domains (TLDs) under consideration by ICANN. Templated or boilerplate text would have drawn a penalty from search engines, so each one had to be written from scratch, while still using relevant keywords and linking to relevant external content. I was able to provide UD with quick turnaround on dozens of pages of copy, including descriptions for .BCN, .ARAB, and .SECURE.

Technical Publications:

Technical Manuals and Whitepapers

  • Evolution User’s Guide:
    I was the primary author for the manual for the Evolution email, calendar, and addressbook tool through version 2.4. You can learn more about the project at the GNOME project site for Evolution.
  • Novell ZENworks Linux Management 6.5 Administrator’s Guide:
    Formerly known as Red Carpet Enterprise, ZENworks Linux Management is a tool that allows administrators to control exactly what software gets installed on which computers at what time. I also wrote the man pages for the command-line interface. Note that I was only involved in the Linux portions of this product, not ZENworks for Desktops or ZENworks for Handhelds.
  • Manuals for Ximian Desktop 2, Ximian Red Carpet and Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise:
    These products have now been discontinued, but I wrote the instructions for them.

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