You Stay Classy, Blogosphere

I’m running the Top 10 for the ’06 elections, and I have to say it makes my tummy hurt. People are so mean!

Those of you old enough to remember welfare queens and Willie Horton will recognize the rhetoric coming out of the right today. Here’s someone complaining that Mexicans are destroying our economy with their social dependency. She also claims that “Muslims and Islam have a propensity for violence. It is no accident that it is called The Religion of Death. It is tantamount to death worship.” Plus, here’s Michelle Malkin calling Muslims animals. Classy.

Do people really have such short memories? Or do they remember it, and agree now just like they did back then? Maybe that’s it. Already today I saw someone claim that Iraq is just like Vietnam, in that we’re not killing and torturing enough. If the left would just let us fight that war to the hilt and flatten the country, we’d win the hearts and minds of the surviving rubble.

Next, let’s rehabilitate Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon and blame the queers and commies for whatever’s wrong.

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